Over 60 years!

Troyer’s Homemade Candies Sweet Shoppe 

Grandma Anna started selling her homemade candies in 1960 to help with mortgage payments. She got her start by wrapping homemade caramels and having her children sell them to their classmates at school. People could not get enough, and before she knew it orders for candies at holiday times started rolling in, and a business was born.

In 1981 the candy-making torch was passed to Lydia, who enjoyed making candy for 40 years. Lydia taught the third generation how to make candies. When things got busy, the nieces and nephews would help. Growing up, they all learned the basics.

Then the torch was passed to Verna in 2021. Three generations of making these sweet treats! After realizing how great the homemade candies were, Verna worked to grow the business and started searching for a town building. She changed the name a bit to not be limited to candies and updated everything to the digital age. We are thrilled to be on the busiest corner of downtown Millersburg!

Verna Troyer
Old Location
A family Legacy

Candy shop in Millersburg Ohio

Our location has changed but we still hand-make everything. Never add wax to our chocolate. We still use grandma’s caramel and other recipes.

Flavor is king at Troyer’s, if we have to choose whether to make something look better or taste better we will choose flavor every time! 

A recent addition to the downtown business district in Millersburg, Troyer’s Sweet Shoppe, is a third generation homemade chocolate shop that will leave visitors licking their lips and savoring the scent of the variety of fudge, hand-dipped candies, caramels, milk, dark and white chocolate treats.